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We’re hiring across the nation!  Click here to find positions near you.

JusticeWorks Community Updates

Spotlight On Staff: Mike Battista, FRS, Berks County, PA

What makes JW special? Our people! Mike grew up in Reading, PA – and had seen second-hand the impact that violence has on families. That sparked an interest in juvenile justice. He enrolled at Penn State University's Capitol campus, earning a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and a Master's in Applied Psych. His belief was that working with the 8-21 year-old population would help to prevent them from becoming a part of the correctional system as adults. After graduating, Mike worked as a TSS and mobile therapist for a youth detention center in Steelton, PA. He returned to Reading to work...

Leadership Matters: Butler County, Pennsylvania

Barry Jones (Supervisor), Steven Snow (Program Director), Jadon Carlson (Independent Living/Family Resource Specialist), and David Slagle (Supervisor) Family Resource Specialist Jadon Carlson sends a note of appreciation to Regional Director Ian Nutt Hello Ian,  I hope things are going well! I just figured, and this has been on my mind for some time now, but in light of our circumstances at the Butler branch (good or bad), I wanted to make sure my personal appreciation for the people here doesn’t go unsaid. Overall, we often hear a lot of positives about the work everyone is doing, and...

9-8-8 Hotline is to provide free, 24/7, confidential,immediate crisis intervention and support to anyone within the United States

In the 1900's, Mental Health was established by a person named Clifford W. Beers. He was a graduate of Yale College and had started his first job on Wall Street. Being in his early twenties, he began to experience his first episode of bipolar disorder which was triggered by his brother passing away. Beers ended up in public and private hospitals over the course of three years where he experienced and was even subjected to abuse. Ultimately, these experiences provided Beers the motivation to reform the movement that took shape as Mental Health in America. Since this movement launched,...

A Letter From Our President: In Loving Memory of Phyllis Wood

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you our friend and colleague Phyllis Wood died Friday July 29, after a prolonged battle with cancer.  She was 24 years old. Phyllis worked as an Independent Living Admin in our Indiana office.  Notably, she had been a participant in our Indiana IL program for 5 years, until she turned 21, in 2018. In 2018, as Phyllis was preparing to ‘age out’ of the foster care system, she nominated JusticeWorks to be the Statewide Independent Living Provider of the Year.  We won.  Poignantly, Phyllis’ nominating essay was called “# Not a Statistic”.  She recounted...

JusticeWorks participates in Lehigh County Juvenile Probation’s Annual Golf Tournament To Benefit Victims of Crime

On Friday, June 24th, JusticeWorks staff participated in Lehigh County Juvenile Probation's annual golf tournament to benefit victims of crime in Lehigh County. Held at Southmoore Golf Course in Bath, PA, the event helps raise awareness to the victims of crime as well as maintain the county's fund to benefit the victims. The fund is used to cover property losses due to theft or damage, and most recently helped a victim of sexual assault begin their healing process by replacing clothing and furniture. The fund has paid out $43,000 to victims of crime in Lehigh County in 2022. JusticeWorks...

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