We’re hiring across the nation!  Click here to find positions near you.

We’re hiring across the nation!  Click here to find positions near you.

JusticeWorks Community Updates

Supervisor and Shippensburg University Alum, Marva D. Brown, Spotlight

Currently a Supervisor in the JW Dauphin Program, Marva was born into a military family in Pennsylvania. Her childhood was spent in numerous states, and also in Germany, where she began school.  Marva worked in sales at WINK 104 FM/1400 The Touch AM in Harrisburg, for a number of years. She partnered with a colleague there in helping to establish WHBG Channel 20, the government channel in the capitol city.  After 16 years in Communication sales and politics, Marva decided to move in a different direction. While visiting Shippensburg University with her son, Marva enrolled in their Social...

Making an Impact in Lycoming County!

This is a note written by Chief Juvenile Probation Officer of Lycoming County, David Goodwin.  "I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Jared Hetherington really helped out our department yesterday. Sam Jones* was a person of interest that the Williamsport Police needed to talk to. We wanted him to report to the office, but didn’t want to cause alarm. When we reached out to Jared, he recognized how serious our situation was, made adjustments in his schedule, and safely brought a calm Sam to our office.  I do not know Jared that well, but his actions yesterday say a lot about his...

JusticeWorks Lehigh office celebrates the diversity of the staff and community

JusticeWorks Lehigh brand discovers new ways to celebrate the diversity of the staff and community within the office. The initial idea bloomed from our Program Director, Kristen Irizarry, when she encouraged the office to keep the Christmas tree up all year and decorate it differently every month. Le Shan further offered the idea to allow staff to decorate the tree with items representing a different culture every month! The Lehigh team was on board with the idea and loved spending time with each other and learning about the diversity right in their home county.  This May, the team...

Unforgettable & Memorial Day

Today we celebrate a bittersweet holiday in memory of all of the men and women who have lost their lives defending the United States of America.  We can only wish that whatever differences we have in policy, values or interests with other nations might find a resolution other than armed conflict.  We honor those who’ve served and made that profound sacrifice and keep their memories alive.  Thank all of you who are veterans or are currently serving. I may be getting increasingly naïve as I get older, but I can’t help but feel ‘it shouldn’t be so hard to achieve peace.’  Events in Ukraine...

York County, Pennsylvania Awards JusticeWorks Drug Screening Program!

On January 20th, Director, Barry Hawkins, and Regional Director, Jackie Conklin, were notified that the JusticeWorks Family of Services proposal was selected to support the youth and families of York County, Pennsylvania!  As a result of this proposal, JusticeWorks will provide drug screening services using a community based model. The service will help families that have encountered transportation challenges, missed appointments, and more. The program will be available for all needs seven days a week.  Our team is excited to partner with the Office of Children and Youth of York County to...

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