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Behavioral Health Care

Comprehensive community-based behavioral health care services for children, youth, and their families who are experiencing mental health issues AND DISORDERS.

JusticeWorks strives to provide the most effective treatments and services that a family needs right in their own homes and communities. Services are geared to restoring a child and family to healthy functioning so that they can fulfill major life functions.

JusticeWorks BehavioralCare is an approved provider of Rehabilitative Behavioral Health Services (RBHS).

RBHS are specialized services delivered by a team of professionals working together to provide a continuum of care. The services can be delivered in the young person’s home, school, or in a clinic setting and are based upon the results of a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that identifies a person’s current problems and needs in the areas of emotional, behavioral, and functional development. 

Service Plan Development

Service that develops a plan of care which establishes goals and the treatment needed to meet those goals.

Diagnostic Assessment

Service that identifies the needs, strengths, & deficits to determine a diagnosis, treatment plan goals, & discharge criteria.

Rehabilitative Psychosocial Services

Face-to-face service to assist in improving skills needed to be successful in living, learning, & social environments.

Crisis Management

Face-to-face or telephonic short-term response to assist a person during a behavioral health crisis.

Individual Therapy

Face-to-face intervention to help improve emotional and behavioral healing.

Family Therapy

Face-to-face intervention with the family to address family relationship issues & improving family dynamics.

Behavior Modification

Face-to-face service for youth to provide modeling of appropriate behavior to enhance functioning.

Family Support

Face-to-face or telephonic service to assist families with meeting their goals from the Plan of Care.

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Justice Works Report Cards

The youth, families, and referring agencies have reported high levels of satisfaction with our services. We are proud to boast satisfaction ratings of over 90% for the quality of the services provided, excellence in our collaborative communication with others, and ability to meet family goals.