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We’re hiring across the nation!  Click here to find positions near you.

Anger Management

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Our Anger Management program uses a cognitive-behavioral approach designed to help individuals become aware of their emotional reactions and to use more effective coping skills to manage them.

The curriculum is taught in a group setting using a variety of effective teaching methods.  The lessons surround four areas of personal growth including: Presence (ability to be in control of what is occurring in the moment), Awareness (ability to fully acknowledge feelings and perceptions), Perspective (ability to understand one’s own outlook and take other’s views into account), and Attention (ability to act with intention, responsibility and focus).  Focus is always placed on the practical application of the skills in a person’s life.

The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) has identified 12 dimensions for Anger Management. Our program follows these dimensions which are incorporated into 12 teaching modules that include:

  • What is Anger? (Introduction of the Anger Log)
  • The Primitive and Evolved Brain
  • Anger Awareness
  • Calming Techniques
  • Shame and Shadow Material
  • Dysfunctional Thinking

 The Anger Management program is available as a stand-alone program or as an adjunct to other services that we provide.

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