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Parenting with Love and Limits

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Parenting with Love and Limits (PLL) is a research-informed practice used to treat teenagers with emotional and behavioral issues.

Parenting with Love and Limits serves as an alternative to residential placement for youth and youth returning from residential placement. PLL teaches families how to re-establish adult authority through consistent limits while reclaiming a loving relationship with their child.

Families participate in roughly twelve family therapy sessions. Through this process, teens and their families learn how to create a balance of empowerment and structure into the teen’s routine and in doing so, improve the teen’s behavior while reducing family stress and increasing their readiness for change. For those teens in residential care, the aftercare phase will usually coincide with the discharge from placement.

The first 90 days after discharge is the point of highest relapse risk and the added support has shown to reduce the possibility of a return to residential care. 

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