In the realm of fostering, where challenges are plentiful and victories often hard-fought, it is truly heartening to receive messages that highlight the remarkable dedication of our team members. Today, we are proud to share a letter from Will and Maureen Smith*, foster parents, expressing their gratitude for the outstanding contributions of Candice Batterson, Supervisor in Mesa County, Colorado.

The letter speaks volumes about the unwavering support, guidance, and reassurance that Candice provided to the Smiths throughout the past year. As we delve into the sentiments shared by Will and Maureen, it becomes evident that Candice’s commitment to her role goes beyond the call of duty, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of the foster children and their caregivers:

Will and I wanted to send a huge thank you and pat on the back about our team member Candice Batterson, Supervisor in Mesa County, over her incredible work with both of our foster kiddos this last year. Our whole house received tremendous support, advice and reassurance throughout, and she’s just incredible. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her.  We feel immensely fortunate for her expertise, the guidance our whole family received, and quick responses over the last year. She truly went above and beyond for our foster children, and even for Will and me – many times well after regular business hours. She showed immense knowledge and gave great direction/support throughout the process, we are forever grateful. She is part of a team that really got us through the most challenging year of our foster experience, and we just wanted somebody to know how valuable she is to us and how we are so grateful for her support.  We can look forward to continuing working with any other foster kiddos with her!

Many thanks to Candice for the meaningful work she continues to do. It is through stories like these that we are reminded of the transformative power of compassion, expertise, and genuine dedication.



*Name change to maintain privacy