JusticeWorks FRS Linda Coleman Receives Praise!

JusticeWorks FRS Linda Coleman

Email from a Carbon County CYS Caseworker about JusticeWorks FRS Linda Coleman:


This email is in reference to the Davis* Family and the Family Group Decision Making Conference that was held in July. This FGDM was so successful and I cannot thank Linda Coleman enough for all that she has done for this family. Linda went above and beyond and worked very hard to help these people. I was pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with her again in the future.

It took a while to get a FGDM conference to happen. Mrs. Davis* was apprehensive, and her daughter, Krista* was afraid of both parents. read more…

A Montgomery County Employee Jess Britton Receives Recognition from Montgomery County Department of Children and Youth

Jessalyn Britton A Children and Youth caseworker emailed our Montgomery County Program Director, Nicole Hall, regarding Jess Britton, a Family Resource Specialist working on a family reunification case:

“I am so pleased with her work Nicole!  Jess was a huge part of making everything work for the reunification on Monday.  She has done more work in the month that she has been involved than another service that was in the home for over a year.  She is diligent and so organized.  I look forward to working with her on more cases.”

We greatly appreciate this wonderful feedback regarding Jess Britton of our Montgomery Team.  Thank you, Jess, for making reunification possible for this family.  We appreciate and value the work that you do for the safety and personal growth of the families we serve.

Enhancing Transition Plans with the use of Family Group Decision Making!

Left to right: Colleen Cox, Amy Carr, and Jaclyn Conklin

Left to right: Colleen Cox, Amy Carr, and Jaclyn Conklin

On June 29, 2017, Amy Carr from Monroe County JusticeWorks, and Jaclyn Conklin, Director of Chester County JusticeWorks, partnered with Colleen Cox, Representative from the PA Child Welfare Resource Center, in conducting an informative and highly engaging presentation at this year’s State Wide Adoption Network (SWAN) conference. They were chosen to speak on the topic of ‘Using Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) to Enhance Youth Transition Plans.’ Amy, Jackie, and Colleen are very passionate about FGDM and how the FGDM philosophy assists in a youth’s successful transition out of the foster care system and back to the community. read more…

Adams County Employee Receives Gratitude from a Parent

Ericka BrunnerEricka Brunner, Family Resource Specialist in Adams County, had been working on a difficult case involving a 17-year-old young man who had been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. He had self-harming behaviors as well as a long history of CYF involvement for crisis related behaviors in the home. Ericka assisted the family in providing stability within the home. She continued to conduct daily visits with the family, including while they were on a camping vacation, responding to a few crisis situations while they were on vacation. read more…

Naomi Watson of Montgomery County Demonstrates the Art of Family Engagement!

Naomi Watson of Montgomery CountyNaomi Watson of our Montgomery County office has really exuded the ‘Whatever It Takes’ mentality that JusticeWorks is founded on. On her weekend off, one of Naomi’s clients was evicted from her family home along with her two young children and newborn infant. Naomi promptly went and picked the family up and took them to get something to eat and discuss what happened. Naomi was able to get the mother to open up and tell the truth about what happened. After comforting the family, Naomi went back with them to their family home where she facilitated a meeting between Mom and Grand mom and was able to get them to open about their argument, getting to the root of the issue being Grand mom’s frustration with her daughter. Naomi helped the family come up with a plan to address the concerns that Grand mom had for her daughter and grandchildren, she allowed them back into the home and admitted she never wanted to kick them out in the first place, but had just been frustrated and at a loss of what else to do. Naomi then discussed getting a Family Group Decision Making planned with the Caseworker for the family in order to make sure everyone is up to date with expectations and come up with a plan on how to accomplish each task. Clearly Naomi’s hard work and determination prevented the situation from getting worse, and led to a positive outcome. JusticeWorks is truly thankful for all of the hard work Naomi puts towards her cases.

Thank you, Naomi, for going above the call of duty to assist this family. Your compassion and professionalism produced a successful outcome for all involved.

Recognition from Monroe County

Melinda Cruz of Monroe CountyEmail received by Melinda Cruz of Monroe County’s supervisor:

Hi Amy, I just wanted to reach out to explain how grateful I am for Melinda’s diligent work on the Dean* case. In the past, the kids have appeared sad and withdrawn at times. Since Melinda started working with them, I have noticed their personalities are blossoming. They are more talkative and appear more comfortable around their caregivers. I attribute this to Melinda working with the family since I have noticed this change since she was assigned the case.

Melinda has really taken a creative approach to this case. When I made the referral for the family, I was not quite sure what I wanted to see happen. I knew the overall goal, that I wanted the kids to feel safe and secure in their home and to improve their relationship with their stepmother, but I had no idea how to achieve it. Melinda has taken this vision and made it a reality for the family.

Thanks again,
Kate Mae Croll
Monroe County Children & Youth Services

Thank you, Ms. Croll, for your feedback regarding our Monroe County employee, Melinda Cruz. Many thanks to Melinda for your ability to connect with this family and provide a wonderful example of the JusticeWorks mission.

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