We’re hiring across the nation!  Click here to find positions near you.

We’re hiring across the nation!  Click here to find positions near you.

Research-Informed Practices

JusticeWorks has continuously sought to enhance our skills.

To that end, we have incorporated into our service array evidence-based and research-informed programming to achieve the best outcomes for the youth and families in our care. These services can be offered as ‘stand-alone’ services or as enhancements to our own signature services.

Currently we are certified to provide the following interventions:

Anger Management

Cognitive behavioral approach designed to help individuals become aware of their emotional reactions.

Aggression Replacement Training

ART is a 30-hour cognitive-behavioral program administered to groups of 8 to 12 juveniles two to three times per week.

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AT-home Learning and Support Program (ATLAS)

Assist families and schools to help transition between remote learning and in-school instruction.

Family Finding

Connect a child with a family member so that he or she can benefit from a family connection.

Family Group Decision Making

A process that recognizes the importance of involving family groups in decision making about children.

Family Reunification

Reunite children with their families through the use of intensive community and home-based interventions

Girls Circle®

Designed to address girls’ unique risks, strengths and needs by utilizing gender-responsive principles and practices.

Nurturing Parenting Program

A family-centered trauma and research-informed program designed to build nurturing parenting skills

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Positive Parenting Program®

Prevent problems before they arise, creating family environments that help children realize their potential.

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Parenting with Love and Limits

Teach families how to re-establish authority through consistentcy while reclaiming a loving relationship with their child.

Seeking Safety

Part of a continuum of services for individuals (Adults and Youth) experiencing substance abuse and issues of trauma.

Thinking for a Change

A curriculum teaching youth who have offended how to change their thinking patterns and behavior.

Visit Coaching

 A supportive approach to assist parents while visiting with their children who are in out-of-home care.


A curriculum-based program created to address the unique needs of adolescent girls and young women.

WhyTry Program

A curriculum that provides solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, truancy reduction, and increased academic success.

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