A note from Director Laura Daumit

I hope this Tuesday afternoon finds you all well.  Matt (Kurowsky) and I had the pleasure of joining in on the Somerset IL Thanksgiving meal.  The IL Team knocked this out of the park.  Carissa Shipley and the IL teens prepped a homemade Thanksgiving dinner, down to the salad dressing, a recipe from Carissa’s grandmother.   

They came together Monday night to enjoy their preparation and hard work.  Matt and I witnessed what an extraordinary group they have created.  All of the teens were excited about the meal and the time together.  They truly have a bond through the program.  Before the dinner, the teens went around the room stating one thing they were thankful for.  The statements were moving, to say the least.  They praised our staff, their friendships, and the bond IL has given them.  This was so amazing to hear from this group of teens.  They all pitched in to finish the last-minute preparations and assisted with clean-up without prompting.  Matt even got in a few basketball games.  

This truly put me in the holiday spirit!

I wanted to share a few of the snapshots from the night! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!