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JusticeWorks Receives Recognition from an Adams County Judge!

(Email sent from Judge George of Adams County)

Over the last two days, there were a number of folks who spend time at the Statewide Family Group Decision Making conference coupled with a ½ day meeting concerning the Family Engagement Initiative. I want to do a “shout out” for the Adams County CYF team (Sara, Melissa T., and Morgan) and Ellen Miller, Supervisor, from JusticeWorks YouthCare. It was pretty impressive to note that Adams County provided more presenters during the work sessions than any other of the 67 counties across the state; each did a great job. It was even more impressive, and humbling, to listen to state-wide leadership in child welfare repeatedly and consistently reference the tremendous things happening in Adams County. Those things are happening only because of the efforts of each and all of you. Regardless your role, it is critical to our success and the success of the mission with which we have been trusted. As you may discover someday, the older in life one gets, the harder it is to find heroes. Listening to the repeated compliments aimed at Adams County made me reflect on and realize just how much each of you are heroes. You are leading by performance and, as a result, making the lives of others better. Importantly, people are noticing as your efforts are “raising the bar” statewide for the great benefit of our families and communities. All growth begins with a seed and whether you like it or not, you are blessed and tasked with being that seed. I am extremely proud of what you are doing. Please keep up the great work and thank you!

From: Judge George
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 11:39 AM

(Many thanks to Judge George of Adams County for the heartfelt words and praise. Thank you, to the Adams County CYF team and Ellen Miller, JWYC Supervisor, for the excellent collaborative efforts to convey what our employees do on a daily basis to assist children and families).

Avella High School Student Carly Terensky Makes Easter Special for Children in Need

Avella High School Student Carly Terensky Makes Easter Special for Children in Need

Carly Terensky of Avella High School is an exceptional young lady. Every year at Easter time, she ventures into the Washington County community and asks for people to sponsor her project in providing Easter baskets for children in need. Carly purchases all of the materials and goodies and creates amazing baskets that are truly awe-inspiring!

Carly stated that she is aware of the emotional impact on children in the foster care system and was inspired to create something special for these kids. She chose the Easter holiday to spread a little joy by helping out the Easter bunny!

This year, Carly made 60 Easter baskets and partnered with our JusticeWorks YouthCare staff to distribute the baskets to children in need. It was a successful community effort for all who participated.

Carly is a junior at the Avella High School and has plans to go to college after she graduates.

Schuylkill County Family Resource Specialist, Vince Troutman, Receives Recognition

Vince Troutman, Schuylkill CountyEmail from Schuylkill County CYS:

I would like to extend appreciation for the above and beyond work that Vince Troutman performed with a family yesterday. He is an exceptional worker! It was evident that Vince knows the family very well, and was able to provide assistance to both the family and agency due to his competence and skills. Vince is very intuitive, and has amazing relational skills that allowed for him to interact with family members effectively. Vince offered support to transition the focus to a solutions-based approach. Great job!!!

Stephanie Rice
Schuylkill County CYS

Thank you, Vince, for your dedicated professional expertise. Your contributions to the JWYC Mission are appreciated.

JusticeWorks FRS Linda Coleman Receives Praise!

Email from a Carbon County CYS Caseworker about JusticeWorks FRS Linda Coleman:


This email is in reference to the Davis* Family and the Family Group Decision Making Conference that was held in July. This FGDM was so successful and I cannot thank Linda Coleman enough for all that she has done for this family. Linda went above and beyond and worked very hard to help these people. I was pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with her again in the future.

It took a while to get a FGDM conference to happen. Mrs. Davis* was apprehensive, and her daughter, Krista* was afraid of both parents. read more…

A Montgomery County Employee Jess Britton Receives Recognition from Montgomery County Department of Children and Youth

A Children and Youth caseworker emailed our Montgomery County Program Director, Nicole Hall, regarding Jess Britton, a Family Resource Specialist working on a family reunification case:

“I am so pleased with her work Nicole!  Jess was a huge part of making everything work for the reunification on Monday.  She has done more work in the month that she has been involved than another service that was in the home for over a year.  She is diligent and so organized.  I look forward to working with her on more cases.”

We greatly appreciate this wonderful feedback regarding Jess Britton of our Montgomery Team.  Thank you, Jess, for making reunification possible for this family.  We appreciate and value the work that you do for the safety and personal growth of the families we serve.

Enhancing Transition Plans with the use of Family Group Decision Making!

On June 29, 2017, Amy Carr from Monroe County JusticeWorks, and Jaclyn Conklin, Director of Chester County JusticeWorks, partnered with Colleen Cox, Representative from the PA Child Welfare Resource Center, in conducting an informative and highly engaging presentation at this year’s State Wide Adoption Network (SWAN) conference. They were chosen to speak on the topic of ‘Using Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) to Enhance Youth Transition Plans.’ Amy, Jackie, and Colleen are very passionate about FGDM and how the FGDM philosophy assists in a youth’s successful transition out of the foster care system and back to the community. read more…

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