On the left is Warren County JusticeWorks Director Danielle Haines & on the right is Clarion County Family Resource specialist Amber Everett.

In times of crisis, it takes extraordinary individuals to make a difference. Such was the case when Warren County’s Children and Youth Services faced a daunting challenge. A youth needed residential care, and their staff members were becoming overwhelmed with overnight shifts. However, amidst the challenge, a real-life superhero emerged:  Superwoman Dani! Dani and her All-star Amber Everett showcased the dedication and commitment of the JusticeWorks teams!

The workload was mounting, and the Warren County Children and Youth Services staff found themselves exhausted. The Administrator, Meredith Ketcham, recognized the situation’s urgency and reached out to JusticeWorks, seeking assistance. The request arrived on the day it was needed, leaving no room for delay. Dani Haines and Amber Everett stepped in and made a difference! Dani and Amber accepted the challenge and prepared for an impromptu overnight shift. Their presence and unwavering commitment made a tremendous impact. The extra hands and support alleviated the burden on the agency’s staff, allowing them to breathe and regroup. As the night faded and dawn approached, Dani and Amber might have been catching some well-deserved rest. But their impact didn’t go unnoticed. The heartfelt words from Administrator Meredith Ketcham echoed with gratitude and appreciation. “Thank you so much to you and Danielle, I really appreciate the assistance you provided to our agency yesterday. Even though it didn’t turn out as planned, the extra hands made it easier. I hope to not have to use you again, because I don’t want to be in that situation ever again, but will gladly sing your praises to others who are looking for help.”

The kind words and recognition from the Warren County Administrator exemplify the positive impression Dani and Amber left on their first encounter with the county. Going above and beyond the call of duty, they showcased the ethos of our organization: doing Whatever It Takes to make a difference. As we continue our journey of making a positive difference in the lives of others, let us draw inspiration from Superwoman Dani and Amber the All-star, and never shy away from going the extra mile!

Remember, we are here to do Whatever It Takes!