A note received by our President & CEO, Dan Heit

Good afternoon Mr. Heit,

My name is Halley and I am an ongoing caseworker with Lebanon Co. Children and Youth. I have only been with this agency for about six months but have already had the pleasure of working with several members of your organization in providing support to our shared clients.

I want to raise a torch for Jamie (Schwartzbeck)! She keeps in touch with me regularly and we are able to collaborate on services in very direct and holistic ways, focusing on all aspects of the family’s life from societal issues to mental health. I can’t stop raving about how much I appreciate the work Jamie does.

Sarah (Matos) is also an absolute star! We are working together with a family that isn’t necessarily motivated. Sarah is working closely with the caregiver on several goals and while there have been ups and downs with the family’s responsiveness, I have personally noted positive changes and growth during my home visits and conversations with the caregiver.  The caregiver does state to me that while they initially didn’t want services, they are glad that Sarah is helping them. This thrills me because I want my families to have a positive and successful experience with ongoing services.

I recently began working with Hayley (Wilson) for a case that was transferred into ongoing services. The few interactions I have had with her have been great. Hayley has been following up with me and letting me know what is going on with the caregiver she is working with. I am already so appreciative of the work she is doing meeting families where they’re at to assist in their success.

And Terrence (Rosario)! Technically we currently do not share any cases together, but due to Jamie’s vacation (I believe) he was covering a visit with the caregiver of the family Hayley and I are working with. We were able to talk prior to his visit and he personally emailed me a visit summary after. And then he followed-up with the family a couple days later and updated me on that immediately! It may not have been a “big” action, but when there are a lot of providers working with a family, I absolutely appreciate being kept in the loop. I wanted to mention him as well because our first engagement together went so well!

Thank you so much for the service your team provides to our community. I am deeply grateful for the work you all do and am thrilled to be able to collaborate services with your team.

Halley Weaver
Lebanon County Children & Youth Services


Thank you Halley for the kind letter regarding JusticeWorks’ staff. Your recognition of their unwavering dedication and the synergy they bring to our mission is deeply gratifying. This acknowledgment serves as a testament to the tireless efforts they put into their work, day in and day out.  Once again, thank you, Halley, for taking the time to share your kind thoughts.

      Terrence, Hayley, Sarah and Jamie