“Hey Theresa, 

I just wanted to send you an email about yesterday’s FGDM meeting. 

Nicole Pacella (FGDM Coordinator) and Doreen Felczuk (FGDM Facilitator) were really awesome during this meeting. Everything, down to the food was in a great timely manner. Nicole does an awesome job with getting these meetings put together and you can really see the rapport she builds with these families at her welcome folder visit with them. 

Doreen – she did amazing !! She was able to keep Father calm, cool and collective. Doreen is able to connect and gain the respect of these families right off the bat for meeting them for the first time. It’s amazing. 

These girls for FGDM are great and we love working with them!!!!!!!

Thank you again for the hard work!!!”

Alissa DePadua, Supervisor, Pike County CYS
Service Access and Management, Inc.

Thank you, Ms. DePadua, for the kind letter recognizing two of our accomplished staff. Many thanks to Nicole and Doreen for their FGDM expertise and support for this family.