JusticeWorks is celebrating 24 years of a remarkable journey that began with one small program in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and has expanded to more than 120 counties in six states! This remarkable growth speaks volumes about the passion, dedication, and effectiveness that JusticeWorks brings to its mission.

JusticeWorks has touched countless lives and reshaped communities through its innovative programs and unwavering commitment to families in need. At the heart of JusticeWorks are the incredible staff who embody its spirit and drive.

As we commemorate this milestone, it’s a pleasure to share that our visionary leader, Daniel Heit, gave all staff a JusticeWorks branded gift to underscore his appreciation for their commitment and hard work. The staff received fleece pullovers and swag (as modeled by some of our dedicated employees) to symbolize our unity and reflect the warmth and camaraderie that thrive within our organization.

To our partners, supporters, and the communities we serve, thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Your unwavering belief in our mission fuels our determination to make a difference. Here’s to 24 years of accomplishments, and here’s to the countless more ahead!

Happy Anniversary, JusticeWorks!