Schuylkill County Family Resource Specialist, Ashley Hullihan, works part-time for a daycare facility, Adventure Academy. Every year at this time, the daycare families and staff develop a donation plan. This year, they decided to raise money for Thanksgiving meals for our JusticeWorks families in need. So far, they have raised enough money to feed 20 families! Ashley and other Schuylkill staff will be receiving the donations, filling the shopping orders, and putting the meals together.  They will be delivering the meals to families before the Thanksgiving holiday.

President Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863 to foster unity. It is a day that we can celebrate each other by sharing and caring – and this is what Ashley and the staff at Adventure Academy chose to do.  JusticeWorks is grateful for this generous gift in helping our families in need to enjoy a splendid Thanksgiving dinner!  Many thanks to Ashley and the staff and families of Adventure Academy.