Barry Jones (Supervisor), Steven Snow (Program Director), Jadon Carlson (Independent Living/Family Resource Specialist), and David Slagle (Supervisor)

Family Resource Specialist Jadon Carlson sends a note of appreciation to Regional Director Ian Nutt

Hello Ian, 

I hope things are going well! I just figured, and this has been on my mind for some time now, but in light of our circumstances at the Butler branch (good or bad), I wanted to make sure my personal appreciation for the people here doesn’t go unsaid. Overall, we often hear a lot of positives about the work everyone is doing, and that mindset is excellent to see in a workplace. Still, I wanted to give a shout out to the leadership here at the Butler branch. In my almost two years here, I’ve done a lot of personal and professional development here, and I feel I owe so much of that to both Steven Snow and Barry Jones for being outstanding examples of what someone should be in the roles we fill here at Justice Works. I know a lot of work goes on directly and behind the scenes from both them and Dave Slagle to keep things going well here, and because of that, it sometimes goes unacknowledged. That said, I just wanted to recognize in speaking to you how much I appreciate having leadership that is focused on our growth as employees but is also reliable and dependable consistently in their work.

Just something that I felt I wanted to say!

Have a great week!
Jadon Carlson