JusticeWorks prides itself on work/life balance and allows staff to focus on maintaining their wellness and mental health. Our enthusiastic Hamilton County Activity Committee put together an initiative to host a monthly team-building activity day to bond with one another outside of the office setting and boost team morale.

For example, the team sat down to enjoy a wonderful Mexican dinner at La Pinata in August. In September, the team got together to participate in a throwback activity, bowling!

If you haven’t been bowling in a while, let us remind you, it is so much fun! It’s a fantastic team-building sport. Not only does it build upon the positive reinforcement of teamwork, but it also helps strengthen the interpersonal relationships within the team. It didn’t matter who won or lost. Our Ohio team was there to root for one another, encourage each other, and cheer on every strike and spare!

Luckily, no one needs to be an expert in bowling, and our team certainly isn’t, although we had a few standout team members (Rhonda). Some of us hadn’t bowled in years and quickly picked back up, much like riding a bike. All had a good time.

We are trying to decide what to do for the next month with our entertainment committee in our Ohio branch.

Stay tuned for more team-building activity ideas from our Ohio team.