A note from our Executive Director of Colorado, Angela Lytle

The last few months have been such an amazing experience for me.  I was introduced to JusticeWorks by a colleague, began working in May of 2021 with Dipesh as a consultant to expand the company’s presence in Colorado and after falling quickly in love with what JusticeWorks stands for, believes in and brings to families, am now part of the team full time!    I have experienced incredible warmth and support from the entire company and have quickly learned that “Whatever It Takes” isn’t just a catchy motto  —  it is lived and breathed by every JusticeWorks employee!

The response to what JusticeWorks has the ability to bring to Colorado families has been so encouraging and those who have thus far chosen to work with JusticeWorks on the frontlines have brought talent, passion and tremendous enthusiasm.  Partnerships are growing quickly and the opportunities seem limitless.

The Colorado Team extends our gratitude for all of the support and encouragement sent daily out west.  Without each of you we cannot do what JusticeWorks has done with excellence for over 21 years!  We commit to continuing that legacy and promoting our mission with pride!

What’s Been Going On In Colorado Is Best Shouted From a Mountaintop!


  • Operations began in Weld County
  • Program Director, Supervisor and 2.5 FRS
  • Started with 4.5 employees


  • Morgan County began operations

August 2021  

  • Jefferson County launched (one of the ten largest counties)

September 2021

  • Larimer County launched (another of the ten largest counties)

October 2021       

  • Elbert County launched
  • We are now at 12 staff and growing!
  • We project having nearly 25 employees by year-end!

Coming Soon!

  • Partnership with Colorado’s Division of Youth Services to launch in early November.
  • Denver County DHS implementation of Visit Coaching Program and several other services to start by year’s end
  • Arapahoe County anticipated to launch in late October or early November.
  • Weld County Juvenile Probation to begin in November.
  • Adams County DHS services to start in December


AND many other services and programming looking very promising for JusticeWorks’ future.

I look forward to meeting more great people on this journey, love the opportunity we have to grow JusticeWorks and couldn’t be more excited for families and their children and youth in Colorado.

Best Wishes,
Angela W. Lytle