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We are searching for community influencers to join our mentoring program in Chester County, Pennsylvania! Our mentor program is in partnership with Chester County Children and Youth. We would encourage anyone interested in impacting a youth’s life to promote growth, stability, and personal development to apply! Our goal is to connect individuals who have specific skills and knowledge (mentor) with individuals (youth) who want or need the same skills and advantages to move up in a skill level, work, or school performance. This is conducted through one-on-one encouragement and guidance to each youth that participates in the program. We’ve outlined the requirements below for this opportunity:

A Successful Mentor will help their mentee with the following:

  • Willing to help youth with homework
  • Give youth guidance with goal setting
  • Give youth entry to collegiate, professional, or personal events
  • Show youth/teens how to connect with people who have resources or the know-how to help
  • Pass on valuable skills as communication and goal attainment
  • Teach youth how to help themselves       
  • Can teach youth just about anything

AND of course, show the youth how to have healthy FUN through pro-social activities.

Building Youth/Mentor Relationship:

The mentor will:

  • Be there consistently 
  • Be a friend, not an all knowing authority 
  • Be a role model 
  • Help your mentee have a say in your activity
  • Always keep their word 
  • Friendly and polite 
  • Helpful and respectful  
  • Culturally and socially aware  
  • Build a trusting relationship  
  • A good communicator and active listener  
  • Able to know what to do when things don’t work out

Mentoring Commitment:

  • Minimum: 2 hours per month, 1 Year commitment 

Onboarding Requirements:   

  • Every Mentor must complete the appropriate background checks  for the safety of the youth. 

To apply or learn more about this opportunity, please email the program director:

Rebecca Piorko-Shelly