A few years ago, Phyllis Wood, one of our successful Independent Living Youth, told the following story:

“At sixteen, success was not something I could imagine until I completed the JusticeWorks IL program. I am now twenty, and the things I have accomplished due to the caring staff of JusticeWorks have shaped me into the young woman that I never knew I could be. I have a high school diploma, beat homelessness, and attend college. I also obtained employment with JusticeWorks!”

Well, we have some exciting news to share!  Phyllis graduated this past weekend from Westmoreland Community College with her associate degree in Liberal Arts from the school of Art, Humanities, Social Services & Public Service. She will continue her studies for her bachelor’s in psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) this fall. She’s super focused on becoming an Independent Living worker for JWYC!  Phyllis will continue to work as our Independent Living Administrator while attending IUP.

Way to go, Phyllis!!  We are so proud of you here at JusticeWorks and fortunate to have you on board.  This is a success story at its finest!