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We’re Baaaack!!

After almost a six month hiatus due to the pandemic and summer break, Compass Academy Lycoming students returned today for the first day of the 20-21 school year! Needless to say, our students were extremely excited to see familiar faces (or as much as they could see beyond their masks).  It was clear they welcomed being amongst their peers and interacting—safely—in real-time.   It was evident they had not practiced ‘sitting still’ over the past six months, but they responded to redirection, and our day was still productive.  We reviewed the daily school schedule and courses, behavioral expectations, Covid-19 safety expectations, and supplemental remote learning processes. We still had some fun and bonded through ice breakers and physical activities.  Our students took our Covid-19 precautions very seriously. They followed our mask, cleaning and social distancing expectations and committed to contributing to a safe academic environment.

Wednesdays will serve as our one remote learning (and school cleaning) day of the week, and students will return on site Thursday. We sure are glad to be back, and our students seemed to have also missed us and our shared school setting. We are looking forward to an outstanding 20-21 school year!