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Karli Van Duzer, Family Resource Specialist for the JWYC Lancaster County office, received the following heartfelt letter from a JWYC youth:

Autumn* writes “Dear Karli, It sure has been a roller coaster of ups + downs, and turns around.  But you really did change my life for the better.  You helped me learn that I am worth it.  You taught me a lot in the 10 months that I have had you in my corner.  You really mean a lot to me. I did have a blast hanging out with you, laughing, crying and sometimes arguments.  You did so much for me, I can’t even count on two hands.  You gave me a shoulder to cray on when I needed one.  I will always have your back when you need me, as long as you got me I got you.  You will always be family!  It sucks you have to leave, but it’s life!  I hope you can help someone else, like me find their beauty.  Always love you.”

Thank you, Karli, for your excellent work with this youth.  We appreciate your dedication and compassion in working with youth to reach their full potential.



*Names have been changed to protective the identity of the youth.