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Email received from a Lehigh County CYS Caseworker to JusticeWorks Supervisor, Whitney Berrio:

 Hi Whitney:

              I want to give you the following details as to why Jade Richetta, Family Finding Coordinator, has done an outstanding job on the Andrew/Roberts* case. It has been a very arduous family engagement process for providers.  At times, the father is unapproachable. His tough demeanor tends to intimidate caseworkers. However, Jade accepted the challenge and was able to engage with the family, resulting in a scheduled Family Group Decision Making conference. Jade stays in contact with CYS, and I never have to track her down if I have any questions or concerns. Jade has a great work ethic and always goes above and beyond to get the job done with every referral.

Thank you,

Jim Russo

County Caseworker II
Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth Services

 *Names have been changed.

 Thank you, Mr. Russo, for reaching out to acknowledge the excellent work of our staff.  Thank you, Jade, for exceptional performance with family engagement!