(Kudos to Namuyaba Temanju, Family Resource Specialist)

Hello Everyone,

          Today was a great day for our team! Namuyaba has been working with a single mom who has custody of her 7-month-old child. Mom has been trying desperately (for two years) to get her 2-year-old returned to her. Namuyaba has been working with this mother for several weeks and has become her greatest advocate. I accompanied Namuyaba to the latest Family Team Meeting for this mother, which went amazingly well. The majority of the participants raved at how well the mother had been doing. In turn, the mother reported that Namuyaba has been her greatest support this past couple of weeks. Before the meeting ended, everyone agreed that the 2-year-old will return home to her mother.

          After the meeting, I spoke with the Guardian Ad Litem. She stated that due to Namuyaba’s work with the family, she was also more comfortable with the 2-year-old returning home.  Also, she reported that things were going so well that transitioning the mother’s 16-year-old back into her care is a good possibility. This was something that the mother was told would never happen. It goes to show what is possible when we pour our passion into these families and make them feel like we are indeed in their corner. I see this as the first of many victories for our Colorado team!

          Both the Caseworker and Supervisor were very excited to hear about the work we do here at Justice Works. The Supervisor stated that she will be recommending our services to others.

Thank You,

Christopher Williams

JWCO Program Director, Colorado

 **Thank you, Chris, for sharing this beautiful story! Kudos to NamuyabaTemanju! Namuyaba’s hard work and dedication resulted in the family’s reunification.