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Ellen Miller - Adams County

Ellen Miller, JWYC Supervisor in Adams County


JWYC Supervisor, Ellen Miller was recognized by Jessi Coy, Program Director at Adams County Children and Youth Services, through an agency-wide email regarding a FGDM meeting that was coordinated and facilitated by Ellen with the Adams County staff. Ellen and her team, consisting of Morgan Henson, Heather Smith, Tara Marquis, received praise, not only by Adams County CYS staff and other participants, but also by Kevin Campbell, who is an internationally known youth permanency expert, founder of the Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness, and developer of the Family Finding model. Great work, Ellen!

Email 1 – From Adam’s County CYS:

As part of our Family Engagement Initiative, we have an awesome opportunity to get feedback from Kevin Campbell on specific cases. Tonya* was one of those cases we brought to his attention and he provided some suggestions.

JWYC staff – Morgan Henson, Ellen Miller, Heather Smith, Tara Marquis, and many others worked hard to build her support network and schedule a meeting to surround Tonya* with love and care. That meeting happened on Tuesday night and yesterday. Tonya’s network will continue to grow as we move forward with building these supports!

What a testament to how hard everyone is working on building networks! Great job to everyone involved! More success stories to come.

Jessi Coy, MSW
Program Director
Adams County Children & Youth Services

Email 2 – From a Foster Mother:

Just wanted to reach out and say that was an awesome gathering yesterday. It was informative, business-like yet personable and comfortable. Thanks for all you and the crew of people do. I know it’s not easy.

Have a good evening,

Update: The past six months, Tonya* does not require agency involvement for visits between her brother, and other family supports. These visits are happening naturally through the support of her foster family. Everyone involved is excited to hear about Tonya’s* success at the next Youth Transition Conference in August!

Thank you Ellen, Morgan, Tara, and Heather for your hard work and dedication to the JusticeWorks’ mission. Thank you, Jessi and Lori for your kind words and recognition of our staff.