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Hi Rebecca & Samantha,

I wanted to reach out to both of you to let you know about some fantastic work that was done by one of your Family Resource Specialists, Matt Casey.

Matt has been working with a young man that I supervise for the past few months. In the time that Matt has worked with the youth, I’ve noticed that the two have formed a great professional alliance. I believe that Matt has been a positive influence in this young man’s life and has expressed to me on several occasions that he feels comfortable talking to Matt.

Matt has also assisted me in supervising the youth by regularly bringing him to office appointments, helping him search for jobs, monitoring his attendance at Reading High School and also assisting him in obtaining documentation that will allow him to secure employment.

In a time when so many services delivered are done so in a lackluster fashion, I think it’s important to recognize those who excel in their service delivery and Matt has certainly done so in this case.

Please recognize him for a job well done.


Travis Johnson
Berks County Juvenile Probation Officer

Thank you Travis for the positive feedback. We agree that those who excel should be recognized. Thank you Matt Casey! We value you and appreciate your contributions.

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