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Susan was referred to the JustCare® program due to criminal activity, pending legal actions, poor grades and conflict with her grandmother, with whom she resided. Susan had lived most of her life with her maternal grandmother, with some stints residing with her biological mother and adult cousin without success. Susan had stolen money from her grandmother along with her car without possessing a driver’s license. Susan attempted to cash forged checks from a previous employer and was barely passing 10th grade.   Susan finished out the school year on homebound instruction because of shoulder surgery. Susan was admittedly using marijuana and cigarettes daily.

Amanda began working with Susan in June of 2014. Susan was defiant and would barely interact with Amanda while in the presence of her grandmother. Amanda quickly realized that Susan was a different, more open youth, when she was not in the presence of her grandmother. In an effort to make Susan more comfortable in opening up, Amanda would take Susan out of the house to apply for employment and eventually formed a working relationship with her. Amanda assisted Susan in creating a resume and worked on employment skills and abiding by household rules however, the family was still struggling. Amanda suggested the family participate in FGDM after the grandmother told Amanda she could not continue to care for Susan due to her lack of respect and the grandmother’s failing health. A referral was made for FGDM by the caseworker.

A FGDM conference was held in July of 2014 with Jackie coordinating. At the FGDM conference a plan was successfully created for Susan to reside with her adult cousin with a back-up being her great aunt. Almost immediately, Susan went to reside with her cousin. Amanda worked with the family on household rules, and setting chores and expectations of all family members. Susan would voluntarily babysit her cousin’s children and eventually obtained a job at Wendy’s. Susan became the assistant coach of her cousin’s son’s soccer team and was obtaining A’s and B’s in school. Susan was very happy residing with her cousin and the case was closed successfully in October of 2014.

Congrats to Susan for finding the resources that are helping her thrive. Best of Luck to you on your future endeavors!

Pike County JWYC received a referral to work with Holly and her daughter, Amy, who had recently moved into Amy’s father’s house located in Pike County. Holly decided to move in with Amy’s father due to pending child endangerment charges that had the potential to result in jail time. Holly, a former meth addict, was charged with DUI and child endangerment after driving under the influence of prescription medication which she was not prescribed. Although Holly was open to services and support, Amy’s father was reluctant. Amanda was able to assist Amy’s father in seeing the benefits JWYC could have for his family, ultimately convincing him to participate with services.

During Amanda’s involvement with the family she was able to successfully address the family’s home conditions, resulting in this goal being closed. Amanda also worked with Holly to apply for DPW benefits and disability, due to several medical aliments which cause Holly chronic pain resulting in her inability to work.

Through open discussion and communication, Amanda guided Holly in making the decision to voluntarily sign herself into a drug and alcohol outpatient program. Holly attended group therapy twice a week for 12 weeks and individual therapy once a week. Holly then attended the recommended 12 AA meetings after the initial program ended.

Holly found out she was pregnant when she went to an OBGYN appointment to discuss a possible hysterectomy due to ongoing medical issues. Holly was nervous about her current situation and bringing a new baby into it. Amanda worked with Holly to identify and implement house rules, a daily routine, and watched educational videos that assisted Holly in preparing for the arrival of her new baby. Amanda also assisted Holly with maintaining all necessary OBGYN appointments and testing for the baby.

This case was successfully closed in January 2015. Following discharge, Holly contacted Amanda to inform her that, due to her proactive approach to her drug use and working toward improving herself through services, the child endangerment charges were dropped and she will not spend time in jail. Holly is expecting a healthy baby girl in May 2015.

Congrats to Holly and her family in persevering through a difficult time and making the right choices in the process!

Amanda, thank you for carrying the torch of “Whatever it takes” to support the families of Pike County.

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