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Joannie went into foster care on August 24, 2009. The reason why she went into foster care was because her father did something that he shouldn’t of done to another child. So in September I got involved with Children and Youth, I had a lot to do to get Joannie back. I had to go to parenting classes and go for other things to prove to them that I can take care of her. I was going back and forth to court almost every month to track my progress. Trust me it was the hardest thing to find out that your child was taking away from their father for something and didn’t know why. I found out what happened when I received a phone call from a case worker from Children and Youth, they told me the reason. I cried when I was on the phone with the case worker. It was a long road that I wouldn’t want anyone to go down like I did. Finally, after a year, I went back to court on August 25, 2010 and the judge gave me Joannie Sunday evening through Friday afternoon for school. She had to go to a foster home for the weekends. Along with me getting Joannie back Sunday through Friday Justice Works got involved also at STOPP® level. I was then reduced to a JC4 then finally a JC2 level.  Justice Works helped me out a lot with coordinating Joannie’s mental health and behavior issues.  I’m still working with Justice Works. I went to court on February 1, 2011 and the judge gave me Joannie back full legal and physical custody.  I still have Justice Works in my life and they are very helpful with everything that I have been through and very supportive.  As of February 1, 2011 my legal case with Children and Youth is closed however, they are still monitoring it.   The best thing that has happened to me and Joannie was a couple days before Christmas we got the ok for my boyfriend to be around her. That was the best Christmas we ever had in years. Joannie calls my boyfriend Christopher daddy, to her that’s the only daddy that she has. She loves him more than she loves her real father.   And now he’s living with Joannie and myself and we are one happy family.  If it wasn’t for Amanda from Justice Works my fiancé wouldn’t be allowed around Joannie, she is one who got the ball rolling with Children and Youth to let Christopher to start being in Joannie’s life. I also call Amanda from Justice Works at any time if I have any issues with Joannie, she gives me advice I need it to deal with Joannie


Melissa R.

We thank this Mom for taking the time to write about her experience & we appreciate the caring committed efforts of Amanda Olving-Chapman, our Family Resource Specialist for achieving such a positive outcome!

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