Aprillia was a 17yo. female who was placed at CHOY for refusing to come home after a physical altercation with her mother. The incident involved Aprillia’s boyfriend hitting her 15yo. sister. Aprillia then left the house with the boyfriend. Her mother contacted the police reporting her a runaway.

When they returned later that night they got into a physical altercation which prompted Aprillia to refuse to return home and her mother not wanting her to return. Upon JWYC services there was sever communication issues. They did not know how to talk to each other without yelling, cursing or being respectful. Twice this worker had to respond to crisis situations at their house. Both incidents included Aprillia and mother having a fight and refusing to reconcile.

We spent several hours each night compromising and discussing the situation. Aprillia was at the time four months pregnant. She was also an honor roll student and working as a CAN (certified nurse assistant). Her goal was to have her baby and move in with her boyfriend. JWYC assisted Aprillia in obtaining MA and WIC. She was hooked up with home nursing and due to her mother’s work schedule, transported to doctor’s visit. She was given a pregnancy-scheduling book to assist with appointments, names and numbers of doctors and important information.

As a family they worked on their communication skills, having weekly family meetings with specific rules: no interrupting, no fighting, be respectful. Her mother and her became closer as Aprillia pregnancy date came nearer. Services closed as Aprillia turned 18yo. At that time she graduated high school on the honor roll, found an apartment, had MA services for herself and baby, and a positive relationship with her mother.

Thank you to Sean Lazarus, York County JusticeWorks for doing whatever it takes to achieve a positive outcome!