Roberto was a 17yo. male with school performance issues, severe parent child conflict and was just informed that he was going to be a father. Upon start of services he was in jeopardy of not graduating from York Votech.

At home he was running away to his girlfriend’s house, disobedient to both his parents, would become destructive when angry, non-compliant with his medication, scared of being a father, and on previous occasions physical with his father.

The goals for the family were to have him graduate, obtain permanent employment, communicate with his parents, respect house rules and be involved in parenting classes. He was assisted with organizing his school projects and homework so he knew what he had to complete. House rules as well as consequences were implemented.

Regular house meetings were arranged to discuss family issues in a positive therapeutic way. In addition he continued to see his psychiatrist and was taken on job hunts. The first positive sign was his obtaining employment at Rutter’s.

Immediately we saw improvement with his behavior at home. Him and his girlfriend were referred to the local library, which held teen parenting resources. Though improvements were made this worker had to respond on three occasions to their house at night for crisis situations. All these incidents involved client and his mother in an argument that progressed to client becoming destructive in the house.
Together we came up with an alternative living plan. Since client was working and graduated from H.S. he would alternate weeks living at home and then with his girlfriend. During his weeks home he would limit his time with his girlfriend. This arrangement proved beneficial as client’s relationship with his parents blossomed. The stress of him wanting to see his girlfriend was eliminated.

After a month of this arrangement client wanted to live at home again because his girlfriend’s house was uncomfortable. With a family meeting we developed house rules that would include his girlfriend living at the house. His parents were comfortable with client’s girlfriend living there as long as they comply with her pre-natal appointments, medication, and curfew.

At the time of services closing client was working full-time and contributing to his girlfriends medical needs. His parents were looking for a bigger house for all of them to move into.

Thank you to Sean Lazarus, York County JusticeWorks for doing whatever it takes to achieve a positive outcome!