I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss with you an employee of yours named Adam Mondelblatt. Adam is our Youth Worker assigned to our program. He is truly a dedicated and caring young man. He really does go above and beyond to make sure that the youth we serve receive the best possible services. I can site a few specific instances in which Adam has displayed his dedication. In one instance I was talking with a youth who had indicated that his Justice Youth Worker (Adam) had a family visit to talk about his aftercare and expectations after discharge. He stated Adam met with his family over the weekend because “that is the only time my Mom had”. Clearly you can see why I was impressed with this level of service.

Other examples of his dedication are his interactions with our staff. Adam attends our treatment team meetings and shares his insight and serves as a valuable resource to our staff. He attends our family nights and uses this as an opportunity to make sure the families know him and how he can help the youth return to their full potential. You should be very proud to have such a dedicated staff. Thanks as always for helping us provide the best possible services to our youth!


Michael Ogden
Program Director of The Bridge