We are pleased to announce that we are starting alternative education programming as discrete activities and as an enhancement to our current programs.

We have hired Dave Baker to lead this exciting effort. Dave has a Masters Degree in Education Administration and, starting as a classroom teacher, he served for nearly two decades in a leadership capacity for a national provider of alternative education programs. Dave brings a vast experience with state-of-the-art teaching technique, curriculum development and technological supports. Most important he has a passionate and unwavering commitment to help challenged youth become life-long learners. Dave embodies JusticeWorks commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve success with young people who have experienced little to none.

We will be exploring opportunities to operate contract schools for behaviorally challenging, and other, populations, schools within schools, credit recovery and private tutoring centers, and charter schools. We are excited about offering youth in our current in-home programs a variety of enhanced supports to improve their school performance.

At JusticeWorks we know that long-term success for troubled youth depends on their ability to learn, see themselves as capable of learning and developing the skills and attitudes to excel in the world of work. We are excited about this expansion of our efforts to help young people become positive and productive citizens.