“Before I respond to your earlier phone message I want to let you know how much I appreciate Nicole. I am sure you know that the work keeps moving along and we often do not take the opportunity to recognize excellence and so I want to note it here while it is on my mind!”

“I want you to know that Nicole has been a great resource for us here in Lehigh. Not sure if you recall but we spoke about her returning to regular attendance at our pre-placement meetings, I asked her just last week and she arrived on Monday of this week already. Her input in those meetings and her consistent willingness to assist are a huge help and always most valuable! We talked about the meetings today at my management meeting and we all concur that she is an exceptional addition to the meetings and a fine colleague, working diligently in partnership to better serve the children and families in Lehigh County.”

Pamela J. Buehrle, Director
Lehigh County Office of Children & Youth Services
February 12, 2009