When Justice works began with Preston he was at “There’s Room at the Inn” Ranch. He was successfully discharged from that program and was returned home to the care of his mother.

JWYC helped to get Preston in an alternative education program. He was accepted in to the Mission Homes school program. At mission homes Preston was considered to be one of the best students in the program. Preston would come home daily with high scores on his behavior and daily routine.

JWYC also assisted Preston’s mom with applying for CHIP for her children, and provided resources for utility assistance. JW also assisted Preston’s and his mother with setting household rules with consequences and how to implement them. JWYC also did extensive job search with Preston so he can have employment after school and weekends.

This helped Preston establish the appropriate ways to impress an employer in an interview. Preston was able to obtain employment working for the local newspaper. Preston also attended the MYLIFE in-depth living program. Preston was hesitant about going to this program, but JWYC provided insightful conversation to help Preston with understanding the purpose behind MYLIFE.

JWYC also acted as an example and mentor on how to treat others and how to act as a responsible adult. With JWYC in the home it also allowed for better communication between Preston and his mother, which strengthened that relationship. JW was able to close this case successfully.