This is a note written by Chief Juvenile Probation Officer of Lycoming County, David Goodwin. 

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Jared Hetherington really helped out our department yesterday. Sam Jones* was a person of interest that the Williamsport Police needed to talk to. We wanted him to report to the office, but didn’t want to cause alarm. When we reached out to Jared, he recognized how serious our situation was, made adjustments in his schedule, and safely brought a calm Sam to our office.  I do not know Jared that well, but his actions yesterday say a lot about his character and are extremely appreciated by this department! Thanks Deenie!

David Goodwin
Chief Juvenile Probation Officer
County of Lycoming”

Thank you, Chief Goodwin, for taking time out to recognize our staff.   Establishing rapport with the juveniles we work with proves just how vital that relationship can be in serious situations. We value the partnership we have with Lycoming County Juvenile Probation.  Jared Hetherington, keep up the great work doing “whatever it takes” to maintain a safe and healthy community! 

*Name changed