In April of 2021, JusticeWorks responded to a solicitation for Family-Centered Community Support Services (FCCSS). This project involves a collaborative partnership with the Department of Social Services and multiple community partners to create a system of care to address instability in the family system to support some 10,000 families state-wide. This project aims to strengthen natural support within families through prevention and supportive services.

FCCSS focuses on addressing conditions that affect stability and well-being, such as poverty, youth parental age, relational issues, parental or child disabilities, increasing the risk of neglect and abuse. FCCSS targets families exhibiting many of these conditions with proactive and prevention services while building protective capacities with sustainable resources. FCCSS consists of a comprehensive array of concrete services that focus on improving family conditions, including:

  1. Homemaker Services

  2. Career Exploration and Assessment

  3. Non-Medical Transportation Services

  4. Tutoring Services

  5. Parenting Services

JusticeWorks BehavioralCare has assembled a group of respected South Carolina providers who will create a network to implement these services to ensure the greatest impact on the family.

This program will begin in January 2022, with a tentative start of services in March 2022. For more information about job opportunities created by this solicitation, please visit our website at