JWYC-Richland County, SC staff model their new JWYC shirts to celebrate JusticeWorks’ 19th Birthday.

Photo Above – (Front Row, L to R): Lotte Bonneau, LaQuile West, Pamela Gamble, Christine Willis;

(Back Row, L to R): Rodrecus Atkinson, Grenisha Beatty, Ervin Bond

Photo Below – Front Row, L to R): Joy Currence, Mellisa Young; (Back Row, L to R): Cedric Swiggins, Valentine Baptiste-Thomas, Monique Ontiveros, Latoya Ross, Paula Huston-McNair


Richland County, South Carolina Helps Celebrate JusticeWorks’ 19th Year!

JusticeWorks YouthCare celebrated its 19th Birthday on August 1, 2018!  From our humble beginnings in 1999 with only one service (JustCare®) and two staff members, we have grown to serve child welfare, juvenile probation, adult corrections, and school institutions in 91 counties in Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. To celebrate and honor the hard work and commitment of each staff member, our President and CEO, Dan Heit, gifted JWYC shirts to more than 600 JusticeWorks employees. Our staff in Richland County, South Carolina, responded to Mr. Heit’s generosity by sending him a photo of themselves posing with their shirts.

All of our efforts and all of our success stories with thousands of children and families each year are only possible because of the commitment and hard work of our employees.  “We have built a winning culture of doing ‘whatever it takes’ to achieve  positive outcomes with our families AND to be able to document the results of our work, so that our public sector partners know that their money is well-spent.  This formula has kept us going & growing and will continue to do so!,” said Dan Heit in an email to all of his employees at JusticeWorks.  In the email, Mr. Heit also thanked everyone for helping to make JWYC’s 19th birthday possible and for helping to build better futures for children, families, and our community.

Thank you, Mr. Heit, for the shirts – we’re happy to be part of JusticeWorks as it begins it’s 20th year.