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JusticeWorks YouthCare participates in 2018 Little League World Series Parade!

Pictured Above: Volunteers participating in the 2018 Little League World Series Grand Slam Parade included representatives from JusticeWorks YouthCare, The Loyalsock School District, Old Navy, PPL, and the YMCA.


JusticeWorks Lycoming Youth Recognized for Volunteer Efforts Supporting Cancer Survivors


JusticeWorks-Lycoming youth, Julio M. and Gabe M., represented JusticeWorks YouthCare at the 2018 Little League World Series Grand Slam Parade, benefitting the YMCA Program, LIVESTRONG.


The 3-hour parade took place in Williamsport, PA., and honored cancer survivors and their families on their journey to empowerment.  During the parade, Julio and Gabe worked tirelessly coordinating with team members and interacting with participants in a supportive manner.


Among their many contributions, Julio and Gabe walked alongside the Barcelona, Spain float for over two miles through heavy traffic, guiding participants to maintain safety. They also assisted with event set-up and passing out candy. Despite its challenges, volunteers and participants commented on how much the boys seemed to enjoy the experience.  Both boys exhibited patience, empathy, and team spirit from their accomplishments.   They will each earn community service hours for their participation in this inspiring event.


Great work Julio and Gabe, way to knock it out of the park!

JusticeWorks’ 19th Birthday!



JWYC-Richland County, SC staff model their new JWYC shirts to celebrate JusticeWorks’ 19th Birthday.

Photo Above – (Front Row, L to R): Lotte Bonneau, LaQuile West, Pamela Gamble, Christine Willis;

(Back Row, L to R): Rodrecus Atkinson, Grenisha Beatty, Ervin Bond

Photo Below – Front Row, L to R): Joy Currence, Mellisa Young; (Back Row, L to R): Cedric Swiggins, Valentine Baptiste-Thomas, Monique Ontiveros, Latoya Ross, Paula Huston-McNair


Richland County, South Carolina Helps Celebrate JusticeWorks’ 19th Year!


JusticeWorks YouthCare celebrated its 19th Birthday on August 1, 2018!  From our humble beginnings in 1999 with only one service (JustCare®) and two staff members, we have grown to serve child welfare, juvenile probation, adult corrections, and school institutions in 91 counties in Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. To celebrate and honor the hard work and commitment of each staff member, our President and CEO, Dan Heit, gifted JWYC shirts to more than 600 JusticeWorks employees. Our staff in Richland County, South Carolina, responded to Mr. Heit’s generosity by sending him a photo of themselves posing with their shirts.


All of our efforts and all of our success stories with thousands of children and families each year are only possible because of the commitment and hard work of our employees.  “We have built a winning culture of doing ‘whatever it takes’ to achieve  positive outcomes with our families AND to be able to document the results of our work, so that our public sector partners know that their money is well-spent.  This formula has kept us going & growing and will continue to do so!,” said Dan Heit in an email to all of his employees at JusticeWorks.  In the email, Mr. Heit also thanked everyone for helping to make JWYC’s 19th birthday possible and for helping to build better futures for children, families, and our community.


Thank you, Mr. Heit, for the shirts – we’re happy to be part of JusticeWorks as it begins it’s 20th year.

JusticeWorks YouthCare to Provide Visit Coaching in Cecil County, Maryland!

JusticeWorks YouthCare to Provide Visit Coaching in Cecil County, Maryland!

JusticeWorks YouthCare is pleased to announce that we were chosen to provide Visit Coaching in Cecil County, Maryland.  Our proposal for Visit Coaching, utilizing the Marty Beyer model, was selected following a response to an RFQ issued by the Cecil County Circuit Court to provide therapeutic visitation services for custody cases.

The Marty Beyer Visit Coaching model allows parents to experience parent-child contact while a professional facilitates the development of sustainable parenting skills. The goal of Visit Coaching is to afford children and parents the opportunity to re‑establish a meaningful and positive parent-child relationship in a supervised and safe setting and to help reunite families with their children.  We currently provide this valuable service in several Pennsylvania counties and Hamilton County, Ohio.

We look forward to a positive partnership with the Cecil County Circuit Court. We will do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure the highest level of success for families served. 

This is JusticeWorks’ last year…as a teenager!


Tomorrow, August 1st, we celebrate JusticeWorks’ 19th birthday!

In 1999 we incorporated and began our first JustCare service with Lehigh County Juvenile Probation. We had 2 staff; one in Western PA working with delinquent youth placed in public and private institutions, and another in Lehigh who provided support and supervision when kids returned home. We were successful at reducing length of stay in all facilities, and achieved very positive recidivism results. Which started our growth, and today we operate in 91 counties in 5 states with more than 600 staff!
The $300 I invested to create JusticeWorks has worked out pretty well (at the time, it was pretty much all the money I had!).

All of our growth and all of our miracle stories with thousands of children and families each year are only possible because of the commitment and hard work of each of you. We have built a winning culture of doing whatever it takes to achieve a positive outcome with our families AND to be able to document the results of our work so our public sector partners know that their money is well-spent. This formula has kept us going & growing… and will continue to!

I thank each of you for helping to make this possible and for helping to build better futures for children, families and our community.

Soon, you will be receiving a birthday present from JusticeWorks. Enjoy & use/wear with pride!

Every best wish,


We are planning a fantastic 20th Anniversary Party next August… time and place(s) to be announced. Stay tuned!

JusticeWorks Visit Coach Recognized for Outstanding Work

Rebecca Piorko-Shelly Recognized for Outstanding Work
Email from Megan Coppock, caseworker in Chester County in praise of Rebecca Piorko-Shelly, Visit Coach with JWYC-Chester:

“I would like to take a moment to let you know just how amazing our Visit Coach, Rebecca Piorko-Shelly has been with our family since she joined our “Case” in August of 2016. She was an integral part of our family for approximately 15 months. In that time frame she has gone absolutely above and beyond what was required of her. Rebecca worked so hard to ensure our visits were successful. She educated herself on Bobby’s* diabetes, helped us plan special outings for Bobby, provided transportation for every single visit, no matter how inconvenient it was for her, just to make sure Bobby was never disappointed. Rebecca grew very fond of Bobby and our entire family (my husband, myself and our older 2 sons) and provided very effective “therapy”, communication skills, parenting tools and behavior techniques that contributed in our success. She was the liaison between us and Bobby’s Foster parents, and on many many occasions she would sacrifice her own time to ensure our visit took place. That’s how vested she was in our success. Any family that has the privilege of her as their Visit Coach is absolutely blessed as they are acquiring a hardworking, professional, compassionate and knowledgeable asset to their Team. Rebecca makes being in such a difficult, often traumatic situation very bearable. We would not have been able to endure half of the heartache we went through had it not been for her.

Justice Works is very lucky to have such an amazing person on their team because she embodies every aspect of success. Our family is a true success story and Rebecca was an integral part of that success! I wish her all the happiness she has allowed our family to have, one hundred fold.

Gratefully yours,

Mr. and Mrs. Smith*
*actual names are not used

Thank you, Megan Coppock for sharing this positive feedback and for being such a good working partner. Thank you, Rebecca, for “going above and beyond” for your clients and their family. Your dedication and contribution to the JWYC mission are appreciated and achieve positive outcomes.

Visit Coach, Brenda Arellano, Helps JusticeWorks-Ohio Make History

Brenda Arellano
Pictured: JWYC Visit Coach, Brenda Arellano


Brenda Arellano, JWYC Visit Coach, makes history by successfully closing our very first reunification case at our JWYC- Ohio branch! The referral was made to JusticeWorks because we had a skilled bilingual professional on staff.
Brenda worked diligently with the family since receiving the case on March 1, 2018. Not only did Brenda establish goals around the children’s needs and explained additional “next steps” for both parents to achieve reunification with their children; Brenda, whose native language is Spanish, also identified additional barriers that were presented while working with the family and with other Spanish speaking families, not only in Ohio but at all JWYC locations. Brenda assisted in the translation of JWYC documents from English to Spanish so that families understood the information presented and were better connected to the services provided by JusticeWorks YouthCare. Being able to communicate with the family and translate information was also beneficial as she frequently communicated with the family’s caseworker, supervisor, and GAL, by phone and submission of weekly progress reports, which helped to reunite the family in a little over two months; sooner than anticipated. The family was relieved that Brenda could not only understand them, but was also there to help break the communication barrier between all parties involved in their case.
Congratulations to Brenda for making JusticeWorks Ohio history and embracing our mission!


Brenda Arellano Poster06

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