JusticeWorks Schuylkill county is pleased to announce it’s new Truancy Prevention Program! JusticeWorks has collaborated with Schuylkill County Children & Youth Services (CYS) and Schuylkill Haven School District to provide on-site school truancy prevention services to students in Schuylkill Haven Middle and High School. Tyson Parsons, our Truancy Prevention Specialist, will work closely with Janet Boris, the Truancy Officer, as well as other members of the district. They will support students and their families with interventions to address truant behaviors. Miss Boris said this about Tyson “He is awesome, and we work great together. He jumped right in and is getting to know the kids in the Middle and High Schools this week contacting the parents of absent students. His position dovetails with mine, so he can take care of the areas where I am not able to. He is a great addition to our truancy program. I am sure our attendance will improve this year, and our CYS referrals and citations will go down. We are very happy to have him here!”

Thank you, Schuylkill County CYS and Schuylkill Haven School District, for the vision to create such a great partnership!