The following blog was written by Ian Nutt, Regional Director 
The Hamilton County JusticeWorks team travelled to the Great American Ballpark with our VIP/ART youth to watch the Cincinnati Reds face the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 21. Unfortunately, the bad guys won. Our seats in left field had us positioned to nearly catch or recover 3 home run balls – what a blast! 
Our youth enjoyed exploring the park, socializing with one another, and of course the ice cream. Before we left for the trip, we held a Family Expectations and Healthy Summer group counseling session. Our youth shared what expectations were in place by their parents for the summer. They also discussed their own hopes for what their summer would include.
The youth had fun at the game, and they represented themselves and our organization well! Our staffing team participating in the event included Supervisor Jeff Clare, Jacie Fox, John Hoffman, and Jacob Sims.