JusticeWorks Lehigh brand discovers new ways to celebrate the diversity of the staff and community within the office. The initial idea bloomed from our Program Director, Kristen Irizarry, when she encouraged the office to keep the Christmas tree up all year and decorate it differently every month. Le Shan further offered the idea to allow staff to decorate the tree with items representing a different culture every month! The Lehigh team was on board with the idea and loved spending time with each other and learning about the diversity right in their home county. 

This May, the team celebrated the culture of Puerto Rico! Family Resource Coordinator, Iris Torres, cooked a delicious meal for the staff, which included Pernil (roast pork shoulder), Pastelillos (beef and queso), and Flan (caramel custard). Kristen’s mother-in-law provided Arroz con Gandules (rice and beans). Iris was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and raised in Carolina, just outside San Juan. She moved to the United States when she was 5 and credits her cooking skills to her mother. Thank you, Iris, for the fantastic meal! 

We look forward to continuing to celebrate different cultures in the coming months. Stay tuned as we share the next country with everyone!