As a company, we are proud to have built a diverse community within our teams, partners, and with our families. In honor of Black History Month, our Lehigh, Pennsylvania office hosted a staff luncheon catered by a local Black-Owned local restaurant. 

Winston’s Jamaican Restaurant has been serving authentic and delicious Jamaican food in Allentown for over 13 years. The owner, Winston Barnes, was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the United States over 50 years ago. As he was growing up, he learned the ins and outs of the restaurant industry from his family before embarking on his own journey in Newark, New Jersey. After a while, he decided to move to Pennsylvania where he has since opened one of our favorite spots, Winston’s!

His restaurant makes you feel like you are at home from the moment you step in. You can find his eldest son as well as his good friend of 20 years behind the counter serving up delicious West Indian cuisine 6 days a week. Winston’s big personality makes you feel at ease when you walk into his restaurant, and he made sure to take care of our staff! JusticeWorks Lehigh enjoyed a menu of Jerk Chicken, Brown Stew Chicken, Rice and Peas, Stewed Cabbage, Plantains, and Curry Chicken Patties. Everything was delicious!

Thank you again Winston!