The following note was RECEIVED by our Lancaster PA County Director, Jamie Schwartzbeck


I just wanted to reach out because I think it is so important to recognize Kristie and Deena for their hard work and dedication to the families they serve.  They both have been working on rather difficult cases with me for 6+ months. Even when it has been difficult to engage or break down the barriers their families have put up; they have persevered.  They both have battled through the barriers and have been able to help their families achieve great things!  They each are working with families that have become homeless. One family with six kids, and the other with two disabled children with severe medical needs.  Somehow, someway, these ladies were able to help these families obtain Section 8 vouchers (which are nearly impossible to get), and now both families are one step closer to creating a stable home for their children.  It has been such an honor to work alongside them.  Their hard work is valued and commendable.

Amanda Barclay, BS
Senior Family Support Caseworker
Lancaster County Children and Youth Agency

Amanda, thank you for the kind note!  We greatly appreciate Kristie Striver and Deena Wolfe for their “Whatever It Takes” work ethic to create a sustainable environment for the families they serve.  Keep up the great work!”