Recently, the guidance of our JWOH Hamilton Director, Debi Schneider, we offered Summer Enrichment Days to our youth to provide additional opportunities for healthy leisure and therapeutic activities during the dog days of this summer.

On July 7th, FRS Kenyatta Sims and FRS Alex Shock-Herweh hosted a fun-filled day with our Hamilton youth. The team conducted a morning of Healthy Decisions and Expectations group to address and grow from the reasons for court involvement.

Our partners at the Clippard Family YMCA allowed us to utilize their gym for a competitive basketball game, the pool for leisure swimming, and a chance for healthy interpersonal relations. Our youth had a blast, and we plan for continued opportunities to stimulate and engage them this summer!

JusticeWork Team Members: Director Deborah Schneider, FRS Kenyatta Simms, FRS Alex Shock-Herweh, and Ian Nutt