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“Innovative and Unique” are a few terms that were used by The State Department of Human Services within their flowingly positive review of our Indiana Branch Independent Living program.

The review included that we experienced despite a budget drop last year, nonetheless, our Indiana, IL team persevered and excelled. This same team a few years ago was awarded as the Statewide Independent Living Provider of the Year. Their winning ways continue on.

The reviewers not only noted that our team was innovative and unique, but they also spoke highly on how we were about to adapt, change, and transition many services to virtual modalities in the wake of the pandemic. All interviews with program participants were exceedingly positive.

Lisa Snyder, Lindsey Jones, and the entire team won’t be sidetracked by budget cuts or pandemics. The devotion is undiminished to help young women and men age out of the child welfare system with grace and a sustainable future. That said, we wanted to give a huge congratulations and thank you to Team Indiana, as they make us all proud.