Courtney Davis,
Family Resource Specialist

Courtney Davis came on board with JusticeWorks YouthCare (JWYC) as a part-time Family Resource Specialist (FRS) for our Lycoming County branch in December 2020.  Since that time, she has carried cases for both Lycoming Juvenile Probation (JPO) and Children and Youth Services (CYS).  Courtney embodies the JWYC mission of doing “Whatever It Takes” to meet the needs of her referred families. She helps families with transportation to and from medical appointments, collaborates with school and agency personnel, and makes referrals for other household members when an unmet service is identified.  She performs these tasks while maintaining her full-time job.  Several county caseworkers have reached out to share about the amazing work Courtney is doing, with several requesting her in advance for new referrals! The Lycoming CYS Clinical Director contacted the JWYC Program Director to share the following:

“I wanted to share that the Justice Works staff assigned to our recent referral has been phenomenal. I believe it’s Courtney Davis. This case was very concerning but is now quite manageable. The CYS worker and Supervisor were raving about Courtney yesterday. Please pass that along to Courtney.


Matt Wood “

We are lucky to have Courtney as part of the Lycoming team!  She has quickly established herself as a leader among the staff and we are grateful for the work she is doing in our community.