Annette Trunzo - Director of Evaluation and Quality AssuranceOnce again, the efficacy of JusticeWorks’ community-based services have been proven to support our youth and families.  Although the pandemic has been wrought with challenges, the employees of JusticeWorks have risen to the occasion to provide quality services that keep youth in the homes and families together!

The first quarter of our fiscal year showed that families referred from child welfare agencies achieved a placement prevention rate of 95% (such as the need for foster care or group homes). Youth referred from juvenile justice agencies achieved a placement prevention rate of 88%.  In our behavioral health programs, 95% of the youth were able to remain in their homes avoiding a more intensive level of care (such as residential treatment centers or psychiatric hospitalizations).

Well done JusticeWorks Family of Services for positively supporting the youth and family we serve.  Keep up the great work!

For additional information on JusticeWorks’ quality assurance measures and data collection, contact Dr. Annette Trunzo, Director of Evaluation and Quality Assurance, at