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The Pennsylvania Partnership for Juvenile Services (PPJS) has recognized two JusticeWorks YouthCare staff members and a program event resulting in three awards for 2020!  The honors reflect the values and mission of JusticeWorks YouthCare and its dedicated leadership and staff that make up the organization. We are proud of our staff and our programs for providing a cheerful and celebratory cause during a challenging year.

PPJS is a professional organization dedicated to supporting its members by promoting sound policies, advancing best practice standards, and maintaining a continuous learning environment within the juvenile justice system. The yearly awards recognize organizations and individuals for their outstanding performance and commitment to the mission. Our 2020 awards include:

 ♦Special Event of the Year – Roaring Independence: This honor is awarded to a special event during the year conducted by or in conjunction with a PPJS member organization. JusticeWorks YouthCare’s Independent Living Program (IL) of Indiana County held a weeklong summer camp  titled “Roaring Independence.” The youth had the opportunity to learn about the 1920 period and how it relates to today. IL staff Lisa Snyder, Lindsey Jones, Brandy Shirley, Kaitlyn Myers, Lori Hubert, and Aaron Keith worked together for months on the project and coordinating speakers to make the camp a roaring success!




♦Staff Person of the Year – Dawn Thomforde:  This honor is assigned to a staff person who has been employed within a PPJS member organization for three or more years who demonstrates commitment, professionalism, and sincere interest in serving youth. Dawn has been in the field for 30 years. Her dedication, compassion, and hard work are  assets to JusticeWorks YouthCare and the Commonwealth.





♦Alex A. Wilson President’s Award – Dipesh Chauhan:  This award is selected, without a nomination, by the President of the Association, in consultation with the Executive Director. The award is given to the member agency Administrator or similarly ranking leader who has exhibited model participation, exceptional leadership, and dedication to the PPJS mission above and beyond what is expected of any active member. Dipesh has graciously volunteered his time and commitment to PPJS in conjunction with his role as a department head and senior manager of JusticeWorks YouthCare.

Congratulations to Dipesh, Dawn, and the Indiana IL team for a job well done!  We are fortunate to have such talented staff as part of our organization.