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With the Labor Day weekend looming, I’m reminded of the saying: “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!”.  I’ve always told my kids my paraphrase of this: “if, when you get to work in the morning, you don’t love where you are… you’re in the wrong place!”

That doesn’t mean you love every minute of every day, and surely, our work is replete with challenges.  But, we get through those moments by being mindful of the profound mission we’re entrusted with—helping children and families lead happier, safer and more productive lives.

Every day I get a reminder of the deep dedication and expertise of our staff.  We do make a difference and children and families are getting better.  I am filled with pride and gratitude for your hard work and accomplishments.

As an organization, we’ve sustained through the past tortuous Covid months and have proven to be a provider that families and agencies can depend on.  As our sterling reputation has only been burnished, we’ve added a number of new counties and a number of new services.  Our young programs in Ohio and Colorado have each tripled the number of families with whom we’re working!

This Monday’ Labor Day Holiday is in your honor: those who show up every day with a commitment to do whatever it takes to be of service and to be a positive impact for children and families.  It’s working!

Thank you all.  Enjoy your holiday, and please be vigilant, knowing that the Covid virus does not take a day off… be careful and follow guidelines to keep yourself and those you come in contact with, safe.

Every best wish,