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On May 28th, 2020, Compass Lycoming, Schuylkill, and Mt. Carmel hosted their end of year celebration and graduation ceremony.  It was our first-ever virtual event of its kind.  We were excited to hear that Lieutenant Governor, John Fetterman, and 2nd Lady, Gisele Fetterman were able to attend.  The 2nd Lady attended our morning event with Compass Lycoming, and the Lieutenant Governor attended the Compass Schuylkill and Mt. Carmel event.

Take a look at our video clip from the days events.


Compass Lycoming

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a sunny day in Williamsport, PA, specifically at Compass Academy Lycoming.  The students, families, and staff celebrated the many accomplishments from the 19/20 school year.  The event was hosted in person following the CDC-25 person maximum guidelines and also streamed live to supporters from around the state.  The students were recognized for their hard work throughout the year with grade-level awards, encouraged by JWYC President/CEO, Dan Heit.  They heard a commencement speech from the guest of honor, 2nd Lady of Pennsylvania, Gisele Fetterman.   The ceremony concluded with the recognizing of the Graduates of 2020: Julio Melendez, Tyler Snyder, and JaShawn Wooten.

Youth were also recognized for being model students and excelling towards success.

Student Recognition

    • Middle School Student of the Year – Jevon Flatt
    • 9th Grade Student of the Year – Ny’Aja Allen
    • 10th Grade Student of the Year – Tajon Jones
    • 11th Grade Student of the Year – Raymond Haefner
    • 12th Grade Student of the Year – Julio Melendez

Compass Schuylkill & Mt. Carmel

We had an incredible turn-out for the virtual ceremony held on Thursday. In addition to students and staff from both academies, the meeting was attended by family members, and other JusticeWorks YouthCare staff (including President/CEO, Dan Heit).  We also had a few special guests that included Northumberland County Commissioner, Kymberley Best, and the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, our Keynote Speaker.  We were honored to have them attend the ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of our students.

Several students were recognized for their achievements during the school year.

Student Recognitions

  • Student of the Year – Jaedyn Lazor
  • Most Valuable Peer – Gavin Hoffman
  • Outstanding Academic Performance
  • Current Events – Blake Stidham, Brandon Domogauer, Gavin Hoffman, Jaeydyn Lazor.
  • Language Arts – Blake Stidham, Brandon Domogauer, Jaedyn Lazor
  • Math – Blake Stidham, Jaedyn Lazor
  • Science – Brandon Domogauer, Jaedyn Lazor
  • Most Athletic – Anthony Beenick
  • Most Creative – Ian Hauslyak
  • Best Distance Learners – Blake Stidham, Brandon Domogauer, Jaedyn Lazor, Savannah Ludwig

Compass Academy would like to thank all of the supporters who helped make this year a great success!  We have had amazing community partners and productive collaborations with the local school districts. Finally, we need to give a shout-out to the families who supported their children with every step of this journey.  All the best for a well-deserved summer break!  The staff are already looking forward to next year!